Mark 1 Post: New Beginnings

There are too many places I post all kinds of things these days, for whoever will listen. Generally they are related to technology, my own Cyman Digital Butler app, movies, the geeky world of comic books, music, fitness, and motivation. Do read the About Me section for an idea of what I’m about and what motivates me.

A number of people recently have pushed me in the direction of writing a blog – with the promise that they would follow.

These people should know their names were taken down, and I expect their names to appear in my subscribers list within the week.

I’m just kidding.

Sort of.

No, no I’m not really.

So all you who +1 my posts on Google+, or like my Instagram or Facebook. This will be the home for a majority of more in depth thoughts.

I have tried this before, on another blog… and I earned myself a free Chromebook (thank you Google!) So y’know, if I blog the right things, perhaps I’ll earn myself a new car. Audi TT perhaps? R8? Are the relevant people listening?

Without further ado, let’s get on with the first post…

… which was this. Guess I’ve bought myself a week or so to release the next post.



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