About Me

Some know me as the technopreneur and creator of the Cyman Digital Butler (www.cymansystem.com), driven by my desire to have a system more powerful than the JARVIS virtual assistant owned by Marvel’s Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Ugo Anomelechi

But my interests span many other things. I’m a musician, a voice actor, and I was also an athlete once (track & field) competing nationally for a large portion of my life. Some also know me as a fan of the superhero genre – with particular affiliation to Marvel. Most friends often refer to me as “that tech guy who knows about computers and mobile phones and stuff”.

I’m generally just fascinated by the way we use technology tomorrow. I like to think of myself as a futurist. I’ve taken it upon myself to test pilot the future. As a software developer, my aim is to help the process move forward every now and then – hence my creation of Cyman.

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Test piloting the future

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