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7 Must-See Movie Dates of 2016

If you have recovered from your Christmas-induced food coma, by now you’re probably thinking about what adventures 2016 will bring. In true Futurist fashion, I present you the biggest movies of 2016. (So it is written, so it shall be)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe – including movies yet to come.

These all happen to be gleaned from the Superhero genre – mainly because the biggest movies these days are in that field, or the sci-fi genre. Superhero movies is, much like Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s and 70s, a money making genre that appears to generate the most hype and have a growing fan base. This can be both good and bad.

Just look at some internet comments from fans of these movies, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Someone expressing their love or hate for one of these movies on the net risks initiating World War 3. With that being said, I will enjoy reading the comments stemming from this post…

Enough of the rambling, let’s head to the movies that you should ensure you book well in advance of their respective release dates!


4th February 2016

A long time coming, many have not heard of the wise-cracking, sword wielding, fourth wall breaking Deadpool. Deadpool is a mutant with a healing ability not unlike Wolverine with a severely scarred body. Which is why he’s always wearing the suit. He also has a dark sense of humour – he literally cannot shut up. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this guy.

Deadpool is special because in the comics, he consistently talks to the “readers” (what is known as breaking the 4th wall). He is the only one aware he is in a comic book. The same is true with the movie version. In fact in the Deadpool trailer, Ryan Reynolds’ character says “cue the music” at the point where the beat drops from the trailer – as he knows he is in a trailer. Also he makes references to the failed Green Lantern movie which he acted the main character: “Don’t make my costume green… or animated”.

He is definitely an anti-hero with a difference. Definitely not a movie for kids incidentally.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

25th March 2016

DC and Warner Brothers are finally working towards their answer to Marvel Studio’s movie dominance. The rivals, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is approaching their 13th movie – they have built up 12 interconnected movies so far. DC entered with Man of Steel, and have gone for pitting Batman against Superman already. Too soon? But wait, there’s more.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman are also scheduled to make an apperance. The main villain looks to be an interesting take on Lex Luthor acted by Mike Zuckerb… I mean, Jesse Eisenberg. Oh, not enough bad guys for you? Then let’s throw in Doomsday too. Not to worry, I would like DC and Warner Brothers to do well. I’m not a blind Marvel fan. But I am pointing out that DC are taking a big risk introducing so many characters in their second movie. It would be the equivalent of Marvel releasing Iron Man, and then The Avengers – with no build up of Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury, Black Widow, or Hawkeye.

It is a risk by DC, but one that may pay off given the popularity of their characters. It will be the first time in cinematic history that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman share the same movie. So far, the trailers look visually stunning. Let’s all hope it delivers!

Captain America: Civil War

29th April 2016

I have a whole blog post dedicated to why one should watch this movie in the post Captain America: Civil War… Why Should You Care?, sooo… I’m not going to waste time here. That’s right. Add to my post view count. Go ahead.

Ok fine, here’s a tidbit. In general, this movie has been dubbed as “Avengers 2.5”, given most of the Avengers show up in this movie. After continuing escalation of disasters involving superhumans leads to a government sanction to register people with powers, the heroes are split right down the middle, forcing them to fight against each other. The opposing sides are led by Captain America and Iron Man.

X-Men: Apocalypse

27th May 2016

The Fox produced X-Men movies have had some ups and downs, but the recent two movies, X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past have reinvigorated the franchise and have X-Men fans enthused about this latest instalment.

It features the immortal mutant Apocalypse – the first mutant to exist as the main antagonist. His powers, including total control over his molecules so he can alter his size, are so vast that through the ages he has been worshipped. Of course what I’m trying to say, is that his powers are so vague, I don’t really know them all. He usually recruits 4 mutants (ok, forces 4 mutants) and gives them power. They become… wait for it… the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Get it?

Suicide Squad

5th August 2016

This movie has the potential of being the sneak success of the year. The main synopsis is that a government agency, Argus, assembles a group of villains to complete missions for their country. There have been animated movies of this group as well as an adaptation on the TV series Arrow. There is usually some implanted chip in each of the villains ready to be detonated by the head of Argus, Amanda Waller should they step out of line.

Why should this be so successful? The same reason The Dirty Dozen was successful. Assembling a group of misfits have been done successfully in Marvel’s The Avengers. But it will be especially interesting watching a group of villains, who care nothing about saving the world ordinarily, trying to work together. We have yet another iteration of The Joker making an appearance, and fan-favourite Harley Quinn making her movie debut. Will Smith stars as the expert marksman Deadshot.


7th October 2016

I’ll be honest, besides the fact that Channing Tatum will be playing Gambit, and… he’s an X-Men character…

I’ve got nothing.

They did try to show us Gambit in X-Men: Wolverine Origins, but evidently it wasn’t too impressive. Perhaps the fact that not much is known about this movie so far will help it in the long run. The guy was my favourite X-Men character. Hence, it’s in this list.

Moving on.

Dr Strange

4th November 2016

My top two movies for 2016 are Captain America: Civil War, and this one – Dr Strange.

Not many know about this character, besides comic book fans. The next entry is Marvel Studios’ introduction to a character whose powers lies in the mystical. His full title is Dr Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. He is to be portrayed by a very talented actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness). Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has touched on the technological, the political, and the cosmic, they are now expanding on the mystical/magical side… or is it?

Dr Stephen Strange was actually mentioned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier if you paid enough attention. His background is as a world renowned surgeon who, after an accident, lost the use of his hands. He tried everything scientific to bring them back. He ended up meeting a character called The Ancient One who showed him how to harness inter-dimensional power.

Chiwetel Ejiofor will be acting as Baron Mordo, another sorcerer who trains under The Ancient One, but his jealousy of Dr Strange being Sorcerer Supreme instead of himself leads him to the dark side of… wait, that’s a Star Wars reference… leads him to evil. Yeah. Evil.

This movie will be a game changer for Marvel, and one of the most visually stunning movies they have produced, so don’t miss it!

Honourable mentions:
There are of course other highly expected movies over the course of 2016 to watch out for…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay reloaded)
Finding Dory
Now You See Me 2
Independence Day: Resurgence
Star Trek Beyond

Make sure you book your tickets early – these movies are likely to be sold out early. Also, a number of these are sequels or part of a franchise. Catch up, or go with someone who knows!

No, I’m busy.


Captain America: Civil War… why should you care?

Attention: Avengers 2.5 is being disguised as another movie – Captain America: Civil War! Do not be fooled because you don’t see the word “Avengers” in the title. Fact is, more Avengers will be in this movie than any other Avengers movie. (Ok, I’ve said “Avengers” far too many times in one paragraph already…)

So why should you watch it?

The first reason is simple enough. It is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I explained about that on a previous blog post, but essentially, the movie is the first episode of sorts in season (or phase) 3 of the MCU. It is a “season premiere” really, so one would expect it to start with a bang.

The second reason is where I enter the geek realm and give a bit of backstory. #SorryNotSorry

If you can’t be bothered to read it (too long; didn’t read) here you are:
TL;DR – the comic book story it is adapted from is outstanding and critically acclaimed.

Now you lazy souls can jump to the end.

Those of you who are obviously smarter and more cultured, continue on.

Civil War in the comic books was a story arc that spanned all of the Marvel characters – Iron Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and any others you could think of. Reason being, for a while the government and the public had been growing tired of super-powered beings smashing through property, civilian casualties and more – with no accountability. They are all essentially vigilantes officially.

Eventually there was one incident that broke the camel’s back. In a reality show, a group of newbie superheroes faced off against some bad guys including a character called Nitro. An accident destroyed several buildings, including a school. Lots of children died. The superhero registration act then got pushed through the Senate meaning every hero had to be registered with the government – reveal your identity to them, train and work officially for SHIELD.

Of course for several people including Spider-Man and Daredevil, this caused a problem. Revealing their secret identity could result in their loved ones getting hurt. The heroes took sides, with Iron Man leading the registration act with a firm belief in accountability to prevent catastrophe, and Captain America fighting for the freedom of powered people to do the right thing without being governed by potentially corrupt government.

It was a unique story causing friendships and marriages to break down, Spidey revealing his identity causing problems for his family and Aunt May, switching sides, betrayal… Problem was, there was no real bad guy, you could see the points raised by both sides of the camp.

Aaand we’re back
I won’t go into the story more than that, the comics are definitely worth a read. But the MCU adaptation is obviously different from the comics in some ways because they have been following a different storyline. The teams however, have been revealed!

In the blue corner…

Captain America’s team consists of Ant Man (sitting on Hawkeye’s shoulder), Hawkeye, Sharon Carter (former SHIELD agent from the last Captain America movie), Falcon and The Winter Soldier (who was actually a bad guy in Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

In the red corner…

Iron Man’s more technically oriented team is War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther (making his debut before his individual movie), and The Vision. Wow, three black people in this team…

Someone not yet mentioned, but definitely is cast in the movie, is Spider-Man. Which is the third reason why you should care about this movie. Finally, after an agreed reboot between Marvel and Sony, Spider-Man will get to interact with the other Avengers in the MCU.

Going on powers alone, it appears that Iron Man’s team have it firmly in the bag. But Cap’s team are all former military or assassins (besides Ant Man who is dangerous for a different reason). It should make for a visually interesting match up!

If you are already in the know, spread the word. The next Captain America movie is an Avengers movie in disguise!

So… any questions? Comment away.


The Marvel, the Sony and the Fox

This post delves into the movie space, and I thought I’d start by explaining the following statement. Not all Marvel movies are Marvel’s movies.

Marvel Studios has been one of the most successful and emulated movie studios in recent years. But the general movie goer may not realise which movies are actually created by themselves, and which were created by other movie studios.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to explain in layman’s terms:

  • What the Marvel Cinematic Universe is.
  • Why it does not include Fantastic 4, or the X-Men.
  • Why the character Quicksilver appeared in X-Men and Avengers.

I’ve never been good at history, I’m terrible at remembering facts. But for some reason this bit of “useless” history stuck with me.

It all started when Marvel Comics weren’t doing well financially. So they started selling the licence to use their characters to movie studios. Sony took Spider-Man, and 20th Century Fox took a number of others including X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and all characters associated with them.

(Now before you jump the gun, I’m not referring to the recent Daredevil Netflix series, I’m talking about the forgettable Ben Affleck version in 2003).

It wasn’t long before Marvel thought they could do these movies themselves (and better). But they can only use the characters they haven’t licensed out to other studios. So newly named Marvel Studios released their first movie in 2008 – Iron Man.

Here’s a trick to recognise Marvel Studios movies – they always have their logo at the beginning animated with flipping comic book pages (not “flipping” as in the swear word, I mean… you get the idea) titled “Marvel Studios“. Not just “Marvel”, or “Marvel Knights” which just credits Marvel for creating the characters in the first place.

When Iron Man was released (to critical acclaim) it started a newly shared cinematic universe, dubbed the Marvel Cinematic Universe(or MCU). The long and short of it is that their movies will essentially be “episodes” in an overarching massive storyline. This began with the end credits scene of Iron Man, where Nick Fury indicates that Tony Stark was not the only superhero in the universe.

Just as it is with TV shows, they have “seasons” which they call “phases”. Phase 1 ended with Marvel’s The Avengers, and the next phase began with Iron Man 3 and ended with the recent release Ant Man. Phase 3 begins with Captain America: Civil War next year.

Confused yet? Let me help introduce more confusion.

There are now Marvel TV shows which are contained within the same MCU. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was the first one, and it generally ties in with movies that are released. Often, before a big movie like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Avengers: Age of Ultron, the events of Agents of SHIELD would lead into or explain part of the plot of the movies.

Given this is the case, their characters, the storylines of all of their movies are connected. You’ll see Tony Stark (Iron Man) appearing at the end of The Incredible Hulk. You’ll see his father, Howard Stark in Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and Ant Man. And so on. Sometimes the plot in one movie would explain the motives behind characters in another movie.

This can make things rather complicated… comic books have the same problem sometimes as they operate the same way. But what Marvel Studios try to do, is make the movies self-contained enough such that anyone could enjoy them without needing to be up to date. But if you watch the “seasons” in the order released, you will get so much more. Just like watching an episode of 24 is nothing like watching a whole season.


So, back to Sony and Fox. Part of the deal of the characters they licensed, is that they have to continue making movies over a time period. As a result, some bad movies have been produced just so they keep the rights to continue making Spider-Man or X-Men movies.

Recently, Sony gave up the ghost. They eventually made a deal with Marvel Studios to reboot Spider-Man again and this time, he’ll be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU). Different actor and all – Tom Holland.

Yeah, I have no idea who this dude is either.

This means that he’ll be connected to the current storyline, he can meet the Avengers (and in fact will do in the next Captain America movie), and potentially even more exciting – other Avengers or MCU characters can appear in his individual movies.

Other characters whose rights have reverted back to Marvel Studios are: Daredevil, Punisher and Blade. This is why we have the recent Netflix Marvel Daredevil series which is part of the MCU storyline (and so has nothing to do with the 2003 Daredevil movie). Also it has been reported that season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil will feature The Punisher as a villain.

As for the characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? They were seen in X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014, and then a different version in the MCU movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. The reason for this is that those characters are in a grey area in the comics – they were mutants (children of Magneto no less… though I hear things have changed as to their true parentage) and they were also Avengers at some point. So the licensing deal allows Marvel Studios to use those characters as long as they don’t mention mutants at all.

Now you realise of course that you probably have a lot of homework to catch up on, just to keep up to date with the MCU series, or phases. So here’s a quick run through of the Marvel Studios movies so far, as well as connected TV series.

  1. Iron Man
  2. The Incredible Hulk
  3. Iron Man 2
  4. Thor
  5. Captain America: The First Avenger
  6. Marvel’s The Avengers
  7. Iron Man 3
  8. Agents of SHIELD (Season 1)
  9. Thor: The Dark World
  10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy
  12. Agents of SHIELD (Season 2)
  13. Marvel’s Daredevil (Netflix)
  14. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  15. Ant Man

Marvel has a futurist mindset.


Aim for the Absurd

How do you react when you see something truly Outstanding? Like an amazing dance performance. Or a sporting feat. Perhaps a rags to riches story or, dare I say, maybe even something fictional like a movie? Do you…

  1. Marvel at the spectacle in rapturous applause and adoration.
  2. Join the crowd in mass hysteria.
  3. Think to yourself… “I could do that”. No matter how absurd it seems.

I am definitely the third guy. Now I’m not saying that every amazing thing I see, I aim try to emulate. There are only 24 hours in a day. (An extra 40 minutes if you’re on our neighbouring planet). But if I feel strongly enough about it, all excuses go out the window. That’s why I created the Cyman Digital Butler. I have read about and noticed people who fix their eyes on a seemingly crazy goal. Crazy because the person in question either doesn’t have the resources, time, or the right qualifications.

They refuse to let any barrier to be… a barrier
(Important highlighted clever phrase fail)

The barriers I’ve listed, you have probably heard about before. It could be your parents who have come from very humble circumstances, perhaps little access to education, having to raise you, perhaps on their own. And yet achieving so much in their own professional careers. Perhaps you think of celebrities doing things that are really not in their skillset (Insert your own examples in the comments). Or maybe the entrepreneur Chris Gardner who was portrayed by Will Smith in the movie Pursuit of Happiness.

But when I say “Aim for the Absurd” (roll credits) I mean truly ridiculous. Like, I don’t know, watching some science fiction in a movie and deciding it must be replicated. What drove me to create Cyman was watching a particular scenes from the Iron Man movies where the charismatic genius entrepreneur, Tony Stark interacts with JARVIS – a voice in his machines which runs his house, his Iron Man armour and his devices.

Now I had no experience with artificial intelligence. Heck, even the programming language that Cyman was written in – I learned that as I went along – I had no experience programming in that language before. The kind of personality that the fictional JARVIS displayed, politeness with a teaspoonful of sarcasm, was something I had not seen and still do not see in current voice assistants like Siri, OK Google, or Microsoft Cortana. In general, I love the technical prowess and genius shown in the fictional Tony Stark and arguably, our real life version – Elon Musk.

By now you have figured out that this whole post was essentially a plug for my Cyman Digital Butler (available on Google Play and the Chrome Store now rated PEGI 3 out now) … but I’m allowed as it’s my first official post.

So there.